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[SOLVED] [1.8] Subscribing to SpecialSpawn Event


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I'm trying to have my custom mobs occasionally spawn in place of normal mobs that spawn from vanilla mob spawners. To do this, I was planning on subscribing to the SpecialSpawn Event in the LivingSpawnEvent class, so I have this event handler to test when the event is called:

        public void registerEventListeners() 
	System.out.println("Registering event listeners");

	MinecraftForge.EVENT_BUS.register(new <this class>());    

       @SubscribeEvent(priority=EventPriority.NORMAL, receiveCanceled=true)
public void onEvent(LivingSpawnEvent.SpecialSpawn event)
                System.out.println("Some event called; is this the client side? " + event.entity.worldObj.isRemote);


But the event is not being triggered when a skeleton spawns from the skeleton spawner that I placed. From what I can tell, the event is only being triggered when monsters naturally spawn (I have tried /summon, using spawn eggs, and turning /gamerule doMobSpawning on/off to test this).


Am I not handling the correct event properly, or am I doing something else wrong?

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That is event for naturally generated mobs.

I think you should use EntityJoinWorldEvent.

Oh, then the description for the SpecialSpawn method must be out of date.


I'm testing it with EntityJoinWorldEvent now instead, and it seems to be triggered whenever any mob is rendered in or unrendered, from what I can tell. Is there any way that I can detect when the entity that triggers this event has just spawned from a mob spawner?

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Well that stinks  :-\


Is there anyway to detect that an entity that triggers the EntityJoinWorldEvent has just spawned? (Whether from a spawner, /summon, natural spawn, ect.) I've tried checking if entity.ticksExisted == 0, but that doesn't seem to differentiate between mobs newly spawned and mobs that are just being rendered in again.

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