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Convert Yaw and Pitch into a quaternion


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So Ive got a problem where I need to convert the rotationYaw and rotationPitch into the standard (x,y,z,angle) format. I tried seeing how Minecraft does this when rendering but it does the crappy trick of calling the glRotateF twice with (0,1,0,yaw) and (1,0,0,pitch).


What would I need to do to convert the pitch and yaw into something like (x,y,z,angle)?


Edit: Please don't ask why, Im just wondering what openGL would be doing to combine the (0,1,0,yaw) and (1,0,0,pitch)


Another thing, the yaw and pitch need to be in radian format for this, not angle format like openGL uses

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You simply can't.

Since quaternion cannot represent a coordinate system, you need something with more data than that, like Matrix.

In OpenGL, (0,1,0,yaw) and (1,0,0,pitch) is changed into matrix form, and multiplied.

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