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3 Coding Questions Please Help


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As much as i look i just couldnt find an answere to those Questions so here they go :


How to Change or Add New Mob Drops to ZOmbies Skelletons and Blazes?

I have been told thats impossible unless you use a Event but i dont know how to do that ? Help needed Veeeerrryyyy Much :D


How to add a Plant/Crop such as Cocoa Beans to the game? I want to make Bananas to hang on JungleTrees and i want Banana Seeds and Bananas as Fruits and BananaPlants as Block but i tryied just Copying the Cocao bean Stuff but i dont know how to Handle the Dyes and all that and thats probably needed to make my Seeds right?right???? Please Help me at this :D


Probably a Reaaaaly Advanced Question how do you make an own Energy/Power Resource (as an example Buildcraft=Mj IC2=EU Redpower = Bluetricity) and how to make blocks Generating it from items and how to make Cables flow the Energy and how to make Blocks/Items USe that Energy???? I know thats nothing easy but id like to put it into my Mod Veryyyyy Much but I realy cant help my lack in information about this so again Please Help if Possible :D


Thanks in advance i realy Hope you the Forge Community can help!

If you want me to i will when i release that Mod add a List with all those people who Helped me Make this mod and you might also be able to Name an Item/Block !



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