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[1.7.10] Difference between the Leafblocks


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Hi Guys,

sorry for my bad English, but anyway I need help with the Leafblocks.


I want that the Oakleaves drop apples everytime I break them with an specific item. Now I have to separate between all the Leafblocks (They have all the same ID, Metadata,...). Any ideas?


public class SaplingDrop extends Event {

    public void onDrops(BlockEvent.HarvestDropsEvent event) {

        int meta;
        Block block = event.block;
        EntityPlayer player= event.harvester;
        World world = event.world;
        int x = event.x;
        int y = event.y;
        int z = event.z;

        if (block == Blocks.leaves /** && meta = *//) {

            LogHelper.info("ICH BIN DURCH 1");
            if(player.getHeldItem() !=null)
                LogHelper.info("ICH BIN DURCH 2");
                if(player.getHeldItem().getItem() == ModItems.applePickerWood)
                        LogHelper.error("ICH BIN DURCH 3");
                        world.spawnEntityInWorld(new EntityItem(world,x,y,z, new ItemStack(Items.apple, 3)));

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-According to the game they all have the same Metadata (4); i have checked that with all leafblocks that I manually placed...

-in my test the harvest event works fine and i also have tried the BlockBreak event. And I want to spawn it manually.

and yes I have read the docs...


But I can't find a way to trigger the event with the Damage Value, because I need the Damage Value to seperate the different leafblocks.

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I've changed my original answer, if I place a leaveblock manually it always had the Metadata of 4 (in my dev enviroment)

and thanks for "event.harvester!=null"; in the flat world I had no issue, but in a "normal" world I got and StackOverflow......


And with the spawnEntity I now that it will spawn, maybe I will this change later.

And with event.blockMetadata I have checked the Meta in the flatworld just to find out what I have to use.


Now that I looked at my code again I've realised that I had a logic fail in there... Now it works fine^^

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