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[1.8]Dropping item into world?


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EntityItem droppedItem = new EntityItem(player.worldObj, player.lastTickPosX, player.lastTickPosY + 2, player.lastTickPosZ, stack.copy());



There is obviously something wrong with my code, because it isn't working.  I'm just unable to find it...


Any help will be great.

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Thanks!  I made sure to only run it on server side.


It's working now, but basically...

I have a TileEntity that stores ItemStacks.  The amount it stores can vary, so if the container is full and the amount it can store is decreased, it checks if it can place the items that it can no longer stored, can be placed into the player's inventory.  If not, spawn EntityItem below player.  Unfortunately, when in creative mode, it always says the player has inventory space, even when he doesn't.  So yeah.  Don't test in creative mode.  haha.


Thanks for the help!

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