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[1.7.10] Quirks and Perks


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[glow=green,2,300]Quirks and Perks[/glow]

A mod by Teh Flamin' Taco (Me)


This is a mod I've thrown together with the intent to bring blocks together.

This mod focuses on turning an entire network of chests, power sources, levers and such into a single block to interface with. Giving huge possibility for storage, and control.

This is the first mod I've published, so constructive criticism is welcome.


Video Coming Soon




Download / Installation

This mod Requires CoFH Core, and Thermal Foundation is recommend.

Install as you would any regular forge mod, by placing the downloaded .jar inside your minecraft/mods folder.


Current Downloads:

Public Release 1.1.0


Old Versions:

Public Release 1.0.0


Warp Blocks





All the functional blocks that need to contact other systems in the network will do so via a 'Packet' system.

These packets follow Warp Cables with very little bias as to where they go. They can be directed with two methods, however.

Warp Packets will not move onto a block that has been dyed a different colour than the packet, ignoring Painters, or if the block is White. this is the main method of control, and allows bundling of up to 16 different functional blocks on a basic system, all with unique destinations and functions.

The second method, is to use sorting blocks, which differ depending on the actual sorter.


Other than those methods, a packet will cover as much of the network as it can before it terminates, via dead end or being consumed. This means it's very simple to start building complex inventory management systems, and other utilities, without having to worry about packet loss.


All functional blocks can also be dyed, and will change the default packet colour they launch.




Warp Cabling




Warp Cables are the blocks that link all of the Functional Warp Blocks. They can be dyed with all 16 colours, and can also be skinned by using a solid block on them.

These carry 'Packets', and are the building block of any warp network. They are tile entities, so they cannot be moved with pistons, but they will do everything you need a cable to do.




Block Transporters




Simple in theory, complex in function, these blocks will consume the block above them, and drop them off at the first Block Transporter it finds, or not move it if it can't find any. This will work for most blocks, including tile entities. Allowing you to transport chests, and more complex machinery. They can be convinced to move their block by either right clicking, or redstone signal. They will also carry entities, which means items, and players can be transported around with warp cables.




Warp Activators



My personal favourite, when activated, these blocks will send a packet through the network, and for every other Warp Activator it encounters it shall cause the player to activate all the adjacent blocks. This means, it can open doors, push buttons, even look in inventories. And complex interaction insures, when used correctly. Some blocks may argue with the player viewing their inventory however, as they have a hard coded distance to be able to view them at, to prevent sneaky hackers.




Warp Painters



These blocks serve the purpose of colouring packets it encounters. Any packet can enter it, regardless of colour, and it will set the packet's colour to the colour of the painter. Useful for sorting systems, or Diodes.




Packet Launchers



These blocks are simple. When activated, they will launch a block that will cause any functional blocks it contacts to try to launch their packets, besides other packet launchers. Not an incredible amount of use, but it has its moments.




Item Transposers



These devices are a bit more interesting. Any one particular item transposer acts like the inventory of all other item transposer's adjacent blocks. This means that in the diagram above, the hopper would try to pump into the dispenser from the left side. If another dispenser was on that item transposer, the hopper would just see one Dispenser with 18 slots. And so on. So you can theoretically build a hundred chests, and have a block that sees them all as one. Lots of useful potential.




Item Sorters



Simply put one of these in the path of your cables, and when an item packet passes it, it will block it if it can't find the item in the inventory above it. And it will use any inventory that's ontop of it, including item transposers, so stupidly complex systems are able to be made. It does not check NBT, but does check for meta.




Block Sorters



Block sorters work like Item Sorters, although it will let the packet through if the blocks match, and not consider the entities being moved. If you want to move item entities, just hopper them.



Liquid and Power Transposers



These two blocks act like the Item transposers, in which they act like all the other connected inventories. However, they connect to tanks and powercells respectively, instead of inventories.




Other Items.


Lasso on a Stick

This simple item will allow a player to mount an entity by left clicking it. There is very little limit as to what can be mounted. Would not recommend mounting hostile mobs though, they don't like it very much.


Rocket Lasso

When you've got Gunpowder, mount a mob, and right click to go flying away, and consume some gunpowder. Parachute not included.


Creeper Skin Armor

Explodes on impact. When you take damage, you make a boom. If you've got the full set, you make a big boom. For each piece of gun powder you have, the boom gets bigger.

This is disable-able in the config. Thank god.


Ender Infuser

For those runs where nothing is going your way. Place the Ender Infuser in the world, and surround it with five iron blocks. Right click it, and it will turn the iron blocks around it into Ender Infused Iron. Which when broken, drops around four ender pearls.

Will chain react with other Ender Infusers when activated.








Lasso On a Stick



Rocket Lasso



Warp Activator



Warp Block Placer



Warp Block Sorter



Warp Item Sorter



Warp Item Transposer



Warp Liquid Transposer



Warp Packet Launcher



Warp Painter



Warp Power Transposer






Warp Cable



Creeper Skin Leggings



Creeper Skin Chestplate



Creeper Skin Helm



Creeper Skin Boots



Creeper Hide



Ender Infuser



Ender Infuser Core









  • 1.1.0:
    - Fixed Item Transposers dumping into random slots, they now pump in logically.
    - Fixed Item Sorters randomly zeroing stacks of items.
  • 1.0.0: First Public Release




Known Bugs



  • Config doesn't save when modified from in game. Modify the cfg file in minecraft/config for now.



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