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[1.8] Use BreakSpeed in Serversided mod


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Hey guys,

I am working on a server sided mod. I want to manipulate the break speed there, but noticed that it seems that changing the BreakSpeed on ServerSide only wont work, because the Client doensnt know.


So my question: Is it possible to manipulate the breakspeed (BreakSpeed event) on server side only? If yes how to inform the client? I was unable to find a correct package for that

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You can't inform the client if your mod is server-side only unless you can use a vanilla packet - you'll need to search through Minecraft's network package(s) for one that may work.


On another note, isn't the idea of one-sided mods a little bit outdated? I don't see what the advantage is - sure, in theory, only the server (or clients) would have to install your mod, but it's not that difficult for everyone to drop one more .jar file into their mods folder.


I really am curious, as I still see people trying to make client-side only mods fairly frequently, but I honestly don't see any benefit to doing so.

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Yeah I was hoping there was a package I was missing ;)

The advantage of it is that anyone can connect without the need of adding mods when joining new server


EDIT: Also it is a lot easier to code if u dont need to do all the sync stuff and find a server only solution

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