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Help - Fatally Missing Blocks and Items (Connecting to server)


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SI am having issues with a mod and stuff. When I add Tinkers' Construct to my server I get this error when joining. However I know Tinkers' doesn't conflict with this directly as these mods are ALWAYS used together. So I'm thinking I am doing an extremely nooby simple mistake or something.


So the mods I have:


Thermal Expansion/Dynamic/Foundation

CoFH Core


Tinkers' Construct


Then I get: Fatally Missing Item and Block and it is: Foresty:fluids:milk


However if I take out Tinkers' and Mantle it goes away.

If I keep tinker's in and MFR out it seems to fix the problem as well.


This conflict is very confusing and really weird as ALOT of people use these mods together without any problems.

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Yup and yup


It only does it with tinkers' construct in there too though. So if I take that out it doesn't do it. I can also take out MFR and leave tinkers in and it will work, but all three together just aren't playing nice for some reason.


I also have:









Though I doubt any of these are messing with it.

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I would, except for the fact this is pretty much the only case there is about this. Not only that Most of the major modpacks have these exact mods (and versions of the mods) running flawlessly with each other. I have researched this problem and the people who do have this problem find it in a random config and fix it, that is not related to the mods I have installed currently. I'll throw a github issue on their thing, though, just in case they messed something up.

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