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[1.7.10]Accessing the inventory of a block.


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So i basically have a block which will be like "the core" of a multi-block structure. From it i will check if the multiblock is created or not. That's the easy part. However what i want this "core" to do is, to plant different type of plants (like wheat seeds, saplings....). It's basically a 3x3 planter. However instead of giving this "core-block" a inventory of it's own i want it to check different blocks that are touching this "core-block" which have an inventory. Which means that if a chest is touching this "core-block" and this chest has seeds in it, the "core-block" will go ahead and plant them. And when they are fully grown it will put the goods inside this chest. And the cycle repeats... I hope you understood what i want to accomplish.

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