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  1. Okay then, will try to move everything over to 1.16 Is there any comprehensive post that lists all the major changes? Or some sort of official documentation about the 1.16 version. I will probably be met with a list of errors when I open the same project on the new version so It would be nice to have a general idea on where to start.
  2. I am going to give this one bump and if there's no solution, I will try to upgrade to the latest version.
  3. I have a somewhat old project lying around and I was planning on working a bit with it again. I opened the build.gradle file with intelliJ however I ran into some issues. For starters, compileJava failed with the following log: https://gist.github.com/arjolpanci/b5a09e9a7165670a5efd880fb0fa8e1d It's just throwing a bunch of FileAlreadyExistsException. Perhaps the related files are already on the project folder (Don't know why it even executes this step if that were the case). The other problem is that intelliJ cannot find the forge version at the url speci
  4. I think clouds are disabled on "Fast" Graphics settings. Maybe you can pull something out of that.
  5. If you want to apply it to a model, just set the UV coordinates of each part of your model to point to the same texture coordinates.
  6. Wait, so the mod you are trying to update was made for Minecraft 1.5? That is so ancient that there is no chance in hell that you can update the existing code for the current version. Not faster than rewriting the whole thing anyways. As Alpvax and Draco have already suggested, you will be far better off re-doing the whole thing yourself. Being a mod from 1.5 it shouldn't be very difficult (depending on the content of course) to recreate its functionality for 1.14-15 considering the tool-set Forge offers now is more extensive than it was back then.
  7. Before you give us a look to your code, I am guessing that you might have forgotten to add the IProperty to the state container of the block via fillStateContainer
  8. Oof, yeah it seems I forgot to change that for the entity. For the packets I switched to using for loops. It's kind of the same thing happening in the packet too, so I am just copying it from there. Thank you for everything.
  9. Yes, I was working with that right now after I posted this. Just said that I am keeping the packet for the button for the reason I mentioned. Is everything else fine now?
  10. Okay, I re-did the whole thing again. It's the same stuff I was doing before but everything it's on the slots and the container now. Also I kept the packets for the buttons, because if I don't do that the player would have to update the contents of the gold slot when he changes to another trade to get the new trade item. I want it to check for the input when the trade is changed as well so the new Item can be displayed immediately. Container Slot Screen Entity Thank you for your help and your patience.
  11. 1) That is actually quite stupid now that I am looking at it again. I was doing this very late in the night yesterday. The screen was saving the previous selection and when I reopened the GUI I wanted to reset. And since I was working with packets for a while, the first solution that I thought of was sending a packet. Absolute genius. 2) Well, if I don't send a packet to the client, the offerlist of the container is empty for some reason. Or perhaps you are not questioning why I am sending the packet rather why I am sending it to all players. If that is the case, this is the reason:
  12. When a class/object is a child of another (it extends from it), it also has its fields and methods (only public and protected fields can be accessed directly). If you want to have a different implementation of any of the parent methods, you override them. For example, if you have a base class which describes all GeometricShapes and in it you have a method getArea(). You can override this method in the class triangles and rectangles which extend from GeometricShapes and you can make them return the respective areas.
  13. Okay, once again, thank you for your help. I reworked everything and I would really appreciate it if someone can have another look and tell me if there is still something wrong with the way I am handling things. All my packets can be found here: https://github.com/arjolpanci/VanillaExtended/tree/master/src/main/java/teabx/vanillaextended/network And my packets are used by: My GUI Buttons My Custom Slot My Entity Also, when I am sending packets to the Client, I am sending it to all clients at the moment. That is because I am not familiar with the java Supplier and I am not quite sur
  14. As far as I am understanding, I am still going to work with the input of the GUI, but I must send detailed packets to the server for each action of the player to check whether that action is legit or not?
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