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[1.7.10] How ChunkProviderGenerate works


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Hello everybody!

Today, i tried to understand how ChunkProviderGenerate works. But i didn't understand a lot.

But i at least managed to translate (from obfuscated) most names (except for one) of fields and methods so they make sense.

I also annotated them, from what i could understand they're doing.

All that thanks to day of try-to-understand-obfuscated-code, research and open-source-mods-source-code-analysis.

Here's what i came to: https://gist.github.com/elix-x/c9e10d85f46763707e1d

I translated what i could, but i still don't understand how it works...

If you know how to translate any name better, know what part does what, write it down, suggest edit for gist... It always helps!

Hopefully this is not code that only mojang knows how it works...


Thanks for help!

If you have any questions - just ask!

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