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Crash after World Edit


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I uploaded a schematic file for World Edit of a bridge that a buddy of mine built. After pasting the build the server promptly halted and refuses to start now.


Error logs are posted on Github for ease of viewing



From what i can tell its something to do with Forestry? seems a bit odd as the schematic used was only of Vanilla Minecraft blocks. ill post this over to Forestry as well if this isn't the place to put this my apologies in advance. any kind of support would be helpful


thank you

Admiral Morketh

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I don't know if world edit handles this properly, but it seems like it doesn't:


Schematics are based on BlockIDs, without any kind of mapping attached to them.

Forge worlds can have their IDs remapped, meaning that ID 0 is not always stone. So, your vanilla Blocks in the Schematic were probably creating forestry Blocks when importing through WorldEdit, because the IDs do not match. How to fix this? Talk to the WorldEdit people.

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