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[1.7.10] Different behavior in deobf and obf versions


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Good day everybody.

Currently, i'm working on mod that overhauls vanilla key bindings. It does not apply any bytecode edits.

And for some reasons, in deobfuscated environment everything behaves fine, but in obfuscated, "double right clicking" bug appears.

To understand what i mean, here's video showing it (on the left - obfuscated minecraft, on the right - deobfuscated) :

Why and how this is hapening?


Here's all mod's code: https://gist.github.com/elix-x/4a17ecda55c0bc7fbcfe


Thanks for help!

If you have any questions - just ask!

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I think i figured it out: for some reasons, in obf version, vanilla system is not disabled. I disable it by setting key code to 0 and resetting key binding array and hash during post initialisation. For some reasons this does not disable vanilla system in obf version. But why???


EDIT: Oh, i see: it is called second time after post initalisation. On top of that, i can't force save it in post init unless i modify FMLClientHandler.isLoading to false using reflection before saving moment and then back to true right after... Are there any other solutions???

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