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502 on Cauldron site


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cauldron hasn't existed for about 18 months now since the bukkit DMCA, it was abandoned by blood in favour of working with a bunch of Minecraft community members to make the SpongeAPI and it's main implementation SpongeForge, which is basically a far better version of cauldron that works with Forge natively on Minecraft 1.8+

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Okay, well, just because it's not officially supported does not mean people have stopped using it. People still have questions for the legacy stuff. You would not believe how popular some of the really old MC modpacks are yet.


The Forge forum Support EAQ basically screams at us "DO NOT POST ABOUT OLD CRAP HERE, USE MCPC/CAULDRON FORUM FOR THAT" ..... except now those forums are gone. So now what do we old legacy users do?



I am here because I need help figuring out how to remove item IDs for a removed mod from Hexxit MC 1.5.2, with a world that already exists.


Apparently the old 1.5.2 FML doesn't do the modern "/fml confirm" thing on startup of removing blocks and backing up the old world if mods are missing. It just tells me... "[sEVERE] [fml.ModTracker] This world was saved with mod DimDoors which appears to be missing, things may not work well"


I was trying to comply with the EAQ and was going to post this in the MCPC/Cauldron forums for help, except now I can't. So now what?


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Cauldron as of now is not officially supported. As to unofficial help - problem is in fact that old Forge is VERY different from current versions. Only few oldtime modders/users can help with old versions.


In this particular case I doubt that you can do anything without coding fix on your own or hiring someone. Old Forge probably doesn't have those fancy events that would allow to quickly fix worlds, so that's next bad thing on your plate.


As to error itself - "might" != "will". Removed stuff is simply represented by nothing, meaning anything that forge won't be able to load will be simply set to air/null. Data (world) once loaded with missing mods will be forever replaced by those "nothings".


As long as the missing mod didn't do anything stupid or totally weird, you might be safe.


Note: We can't really help without logs and symptoms. Even with that - 1.5.x is too outdated for you to expect good help from here.

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1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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