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  1. Have you tried running it in a non-Cloud folder, ie not your OneDrive folders?
  2. You won’t get support for Pixelmon here, go to their forums as they are still on 1.12
  3. Forge 1.13+ will only work with Java 8-10, so you will need to change Java versions
  4. You ran out of RAM as you are using 32-bit Java, Pixelmon requires at least 2GB to run
  5. Specifically the latest version of Forge for 1.12.2
  6. You should ask Pixelmon questions in the Pixelmon Discord (https://pixelmonmod.com/discord) but the issue here is that WonderTrade needs to be updated
  7. i feel like i saw a call for developers to say what they want/need from Forge regarding fluids so that the new system is more robust
  8. The old way was the hacky way Forge added, this way is the way Mojang added and supports
  9. You mean updating from 1.13.2->1.14.x will not be hard at all
  10. 7.0.5 was built against 2768 as it was the RB at the time, so not sure why this crash is happening at all unless the mod wasn’t downloaded from https://reforged.gg/
  11. If the error is from intel graphic but you have a graphics card then you need to make sure it is being used, for nvidia you go to nvidia control panel and force java to use the gpu instead of internal graphics
  12. You have Java 8 u201, which should work fine, however you have also got JDK 11, which will be the default Java used, Forge is not compatible with Java 11 so you should uninstall it, if you need the JDK for writing mods then you should install JDK 8
  13. i mean, are you passing on some profits to Forge in compensation for keeping you in business?
  14. Post a new crash report, preferably via pastebin or gist this time, also, where are you doenloading NEI from?
  15. The website detects what architecture your browser is, most are 32-bit, so you should just go to the manual section and download the 64-bit installer
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