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[1.6.4] Server and client synchronization problem in TileEntity - "ghost" items


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Hi everyone,


I have a little problem with my "machine", but it will probably apply to it more like a "chest". When I place any item in my input slot, nothing strange happens, but if I try to take that item out then it seems copied.

It looks that my machine has that item in the input slot, but it stops working (if(inputSlot.stackSize == 0) progress = 0). It's something like ghost item: it disappears if I try to take it out or reopen the GUI. I had the same problem with shift-clicking, but it was solved by:


if(te.worldObj.isRemote) return null;


in Container.transferStackInSlot. I know that it is client-server sync problem, but I have no idea what piece of code I should modify in that case.


My TileEntity: http://pastebin.com/VxFVf8qj

and Container: http://pastebin.com/edwPCweR


Did anyone had similar problem?

Sorry if I write something wrong in English, I'm not native English speaker.

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You shouldn't need to check if the world is remote in your transferStackInSlot method - it can run the same on both sides.


#onInventoryChanged is when you are supposed to iterate through all the stacks and replace any that have stack size of 0 with null.


Calling super on an interface method (e.g. #onInventoryChanged) does absolutely nothing - interfaces do not provide implementations.


You really shouldn't need to constantly mark your block for an update. Look at TileEntityFurnace and you'll see it never calls that method; you probably shouldn't, either. Use your Container properly for sending data to the client side via #detectAndSendChanges etc.


In fact, the best advice I can give you is seriously look more closely at TileEntityFurnace and model your methods off of those. You are all over the place in there.


Also, don't use FMLCommonHandler#getEffectiveSide when you already have a world object; world.isRemote gives you the side much more efficiently.

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Thanks! It finally works!


I checked worldObj.isRemote in #transferStackInSlot because it seemed to remove that issue when shift-clicking. Now, when I iterate through stacks in #onInventoryChanged, I don't need that.


When I was changing my code basing on your advises, I observed one interesting thing:


Calling super on #onInventoryChanged should do something, because it's implemented in Basic TileEntity from Minecraft. Also, I found out that TileEntityFurnace doesn't implement onInventoryChanged.


When I'm implementing a method and super does nothing, then eclipse shows an error if I try to call it.


Anyways, I removed that super - it did nothing in my case.

Sorry if I write something wrong in English, I'm not native English speaker.

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