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How to make an entity invlunerable and unable to be pushed?


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I am currently making a mod wherein I need an entity that A: should not be able to be damaged and B: should not be able to move.

How can I do this? I can't find anything along the lines of get/set Invulnerable and canBePushed and canBeCollided with arent working!

Thanks in advance

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I am using forge 1.8, since when I tried following the instructions to update forge on the latest it didnt work (I assume because of the new Mdk thingamadoodle)

I updated that from the latest 1.7.10, since I was originally following pahimar's LMR series, but then switched to another tutorial that is for 1.8

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I believe that I may have found it, desguised as func_180431_b(DamageSource p_180431_1_). Is this what should be inside of it (in the Entity class)

public boolean func_180431_b(DamageSource p_180431_1_)
        return this.invulnerable && p_180431_1_ != DamageSource.outOfWorld && !p_180431_1_.func_180136_u();

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