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[1.8][Open Source] demomod


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demomod is my attempt at making mod that new modders can customize to quickly and easily get started with modding.


The mod currently includes the following:


A custom biome with custom ore generation

A custom bush that grows in the custom biome which produces seeds for a food crop

A custom ingot dropped by the ore

A custom sword, bow, pickaxe, axe, hoe, and shovel

A custom set of armor

A custom hostile mob entity

A custom tameable mob entity


Preliminary instructions for getting the development environment set up are here:




Once you have a working mod, you can build it with the following command on OSX/Linux:


./gradlew build


or Windows:


gradlew build


demomod has been built and tested on both single player and multi player server.


All the attributes of the mod can be changed by editing the following:




the texture files under https://github.com/worldwidewoogie/demomod/tree/master/src/main/resources/assets/demomod/textures

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