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[Solved][1.8] help with blockstates and getItemFromBlock


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Now that I have solved my problem with dropping the right blocks from my compressed blocks and their various block states, I have a new issue. I don't know what the problem is so any help would be great.


When I register my models for the blocks, the getItemFromBlock() function is only creating the item texture for default state and not any of the other states that the block is capable of.










I think I can see why its happening, but there doesn't seem to be a away to generate an item for each of the states.


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Ultimately I had to perform another rewrite and get away from the IPropertyInt that I was using and go for IPropertyEnum. I also had to fully implement mod changes as per the tutorial by BedrockMiner at http://bedrockminer.jimdo.com/modding-tutorials/basic-modding-1-8/blockstates-and-metadata/. The full set of changes will be available in a couple of hours or less at https://github.com/kreezxil/Compressed-Blocks-by-Kreezxil, my mod is opensource so feel free to plagiarize and learn from it.


Also, I'm open to suggestions as to how to improve the code and resource sections.

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