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[1.7.10] Include external library? [solved again]


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I wrote a little utility to get the class names of all the monsters from all my loaded mods, so I can set up iChun's morph mod to support all my mods :) I made a cruddy little wand that when you right click it, it dumps all the mob classnames to a log file. This means I can be sure I'm dumping my list after all mods have initialized and created their monsters. It relies on a library that isn't part of my mod, Minecraft, Forge, or the standard Java distribution;  the library is org.reflections from https://github.com/ronmamo/reflections

I built the library locally using maven, it works if I make little programs testing it in eclipse so I'm pretty sure it's built right. It was built into "reflections-0.9.11-SNAPSHOT.jar"


Unfortunately, while I can build (with gradle) my code using the library, when I right-click my wand and invoke org.reflections, Minecraft dies with a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError (specifically complaining about org.reflections).


What I've done:

I've added reflections-0.9.11-SNAPSHOT.jar to the libs folder in my project.

I added the following to my build.gradle

dependencies {

    compile files(





That lets everything build nicely, but as mentioned Minecraft throws a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError in the onItemRightClick on my object as it creates a new org.reflections.Reflections.


I tried using -classpath to tell java where my built classes for org.reflections are, and then where the buit jar was, when starting Minecraft but no behavior change.


I experimentally copied reflections-0.9.11-SNAPSHOT.jar into my mods folder, but it didn't change the behavior, presumably because the library is not a mod, so Forge doesn't load it.

And then, flailing a little, I moved it into mods\1.7.10 but naturally that doesn't work either.


As another experiment, I cracked open my mod and the reflections .jar, and merged the contents into my mod. I really would have thought that would make the classes visible but no change. Sad panda.


I'm flailing around a bit much so now I come to you to find out how I'm supposed to use this external library jar with my mod? Please?

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OK, I'm back. Gradle and I are having an argument still, this time about the srgExtra line. I read through the entire Shading article, and I looked at the sample Shading recipe. I just can't get it to build.



:reobf FAILED


FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.


* What went wrong:

Execution failed for task ':reobf'.

> Unable to parse srg file, unrecognized mapping type in line=CL:org/reflections/* com/syndaryl/minecraft/dumpentitylist/org/reflections/*




I've put my project up on git, the build.gradle is at https://github.com/Syndaryl/dumpentitylist/blob/master/build.gradle


I tried a PK (package) based remap first, that failed too. As far as I can tell from the source, CL and PK should be the part being referred to for that error, but those are also, according to the source, correct.  :-\

I feel like I must be just a little bit off somewhere.

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