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1.8 Odd Blockstate json names.


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You will need to show us your error message(s), your blockstates.json and your block's class (at least).

The debugger is a powerful and necessary tool in any IDE, so learn how to use it. You'll be able to tell us more and get better help here if you investigate your runtime problems in the debugger before posting.

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I added multiple blockstates to my block, but I it (Minecraft) was looking for the model in modid:blockname#type=empty (or any blockstate name). I can't seem to figure it out on why it does #type? Or how to add it (model).


I'm doing the Compressed Blocks mod and just recently had this issue but didn't need to report it.


Your variants file needs to look something like this:


    "variants": {
        "tier=normal": { "model": "kreezxilscompressedblocks:CompressedCobblestone" },
        "tier=double": { "model": "kreezxilscompressedblocks:DoubleCompressedCobblestone" },
        "tier=triple": { "model": "kreezxilscompressedblocks:TripleCompressedCobblestone" },
        "tier=quadruple": { "model": "kreezxilscompressedblocks:QuadrupleCompressedCobblestone" },
        "tier=quintuple": { "model": "kreezxilscompressedblocks:QuintupleCompressedCobblestone" },
        "tier=sextuple": { "model": "kreezxilscompressedblocks:SextupleCompressedCobblestone" },
        "tier=septuple": { "model": "kreezxilscompressedblocks:SeptupleCompressedCobblestone" },
        "tier=octuple": { "model": "kreezxilscompressedblocks:OctupleCompressedCobblestone" }


notes: tier is the name of my property and the part after the equals is the lowercased value of the 2nd parameter in the Enum definition. Hopefully the rest is self-explanatory.

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