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[1.7.10] Keep Enchantments on crafting


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Is there any way to save the enchantments from an ItemStack / input of a recipe and add them to the output of a recipe?


I already tried this, but hadn't any success.


public static void craftSword(ItemStack output, ItemStack mat, ItemStack tool) {

Map enchants = EnchantmentHelper.getEnchantments(tool);
EnchantmentHelper.setEnchantments(enchants, output);

GameRegistry.addShapedRecipe(output, new Object[]{"M","M","T",'M', mat, 'T', tool});

craftSword(new ItemStack(Items.stone_sword), stonePlate, new ItemStack(Items.wooden_sword));


Thanks for help!

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If you call


on a shaped recipe, it will copy the NBT tag to the output from the last ingredient that has one. If you want more control over the output NBT, create your own implementation of


(optionally extending an existing one like




), override


to set the NBT of the output


and add an instance of it using




Side note: The whole point of vararg methods like


is that you just pass in the arguments as normal and Java creates the array for you.

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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