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[1.8] make pakage class to send package to a tileEntity some doubs??


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good days,

i have little issue becoze the class i make long ago to send packages only send strings and now im maken tile entityes and this dont works for that

and i have to fix it whiout fucking upo everiting else i made that requires send packages, as mi guns or villagers


soo i think in make this package class whith a variable modo thath means

0 = im sending a plain string

1 = im sending a blockPos and id and type values

2 = im sending x y z cordinathe plus id and type

3 = im sendind data to an especific entity plus id and type



sooo long lets say i wana set something in modo 2 thats  and byte mode, a int x, a int y, a int z, a int id, and a int type. all in only a ByteBuf to send it in a package to the server side like a big binary number

but the class ByteBuf only has an  method  ByteBufUtils.readVarInt(buf, 4);  like is an int it only would retribe 32bit of whatever is stored in the 

ByteBuf  but everything i wanna send sum like 164bits



how i arrange this 6 values in the  ByteBuf  and later how i retrive the 6 values in the ByteBuf in the server side ???



soo long i have this




thanks for reading


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1. Why is this not in Modder Support?


2. Don't use static to hold data that is not supposed to be static. Read what static means.

3. Don't try to make one packet do everything - if data differs that much, don't force it, it will be bad design and waste of resources.

4. Implement few different packets - each handling different thing.

5. Don't use ByteBufUtild if you don't need to. ByteBuf class is perfectly capable of writing and reading generic types (not  only).

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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