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Issues with setting up my 1.8.9 environment


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Hey guys, I'm trying to get JEI working in my 1.8.9 workspace instance (you know, the one started from within eclipse :D ).

I've dropped the jar in the run/mods folder, and I won't be needing the mod as a dependency for MY amazing test mod. This should get me a fully functional JEI in the client (shouldn't it?).

What I GET is a big fat... crash. Here's the log: http://pastebin.com/VfuB1Bkn

Now I don't know how forge works internally, but from what I've read I know that in the latest versions, fml automatically deobfuscates the mods in run/mods so that the normal 'end-user' mods can be used. (it was right there in the faq of JEI's github page)

My own mod works perfectly fine, everything's showing and stuff... It's just JEI that's not working, or any other mod for that matter. Any ideas as to why this is happening?


Also, I want this mod to use the Thaumcraft API so my items&blocks use a new page in the thaumonomicon. The code's sound, but I'm facing the same problem (I think?) as with JEI. The API's in the right location, but I can't TEST this part without a working Thaumcraft in the client...


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Edit: I should add that I know my way around Java, as a cs student. I'm also guessing that something's going wrong with the obfuscating process seeing as I get a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException on jei's packethandler...

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