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[1.9] display a chat message in the client side screen


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good days


1.9 has been realized so i set in the quest to update mi mod to 1.9

and then become the issues

first of all

i have to update the tools  i made to work whith blocks and items

for some reason they change the name of MovingObjectPosition to RayTraceResult

but thats not


to mod things  i made a class to show mesages in screen as i use items


public static void chatr(EntityPlayer playerIn, String mensaje){

playerIn.addChatMessage(new ChatComponentText(EnumChatFormatting.RED + mensaje));


this don't works anymore, from the bedBlock class i get this


    if (playerIn != null)
    	//ITextComponent chatComponent
        playerIn.addChatComponentMessage(new TextComponentTranslation("tile.bed.occupied", new Object[0]));


but this dont directly prints on screen custom text, this take the text from some lang file somewhere in the code i been folowing the classes but i dont understand how to set to show the content of just a plain text string



? first i need the pieze of code to print on player chat a custom string mesage , just like the block coordinates of the block im looking at  (things for i need to use the raytrace in several of mi items and entityes)



? the second is how i set in mi lang files  customs strings to later retrive it whith the

playerIn.addChatComponentMessage(new TextComponentTranslation("tile.bed.occupied", new Object[0]));



i suppose something like "mercenarymod:mensaje001us"


well thanks for reading





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but is it'n deliverated  just a recurrent accident, when came from google sometimes get bug mi mistake


in the other side i been used to set the color from thext using  EnumChatFormatting but dont find it

i guest it also changes name

can you help mi whith that ?


playerIn.addChatComponentMessage(new TextComponentString(EnumChatFormatting.RED + mensaje));

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