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Tutorial: How to make a Minecraft 1.8 mod (with Scala)


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Hi Forge folks!


I'm sure none of this is new to any of you, but the one Scala modding tutorial I found was only viewable on archive.org. I thought I'd write down the things I learned as I went through the process of learning them. The first two sections are about getting set up with Forge, the third dives into more general content about Minecraft and Forge (just about blocks and models for now, but items and entities to come).


✣ How to make a Minecraft 1.8 mod (with Scala) ✣


[spoiler=Spoiler: you'll make this block]687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f55784f386d53392e706e67



Let me know if this is useful for you! :) And if you spot anything you think should be changed (especially if it's an error or inconsistency!), let me know about that too!

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