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1.8.9 world gen performance questions


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I've recently looked at starting a modded 1.8.9 server here at home for me and some friends, but quickly ran into performance issues when new terrain is generated. We want to move to 1.8 because of the pretty big FPS improvements we get with it especially for some of my friends who are stuck on older machines.


So I created a new world with no mods... just a vanilla forge server and I have the same problem. When I fly around to generate new terrain the server would hover around the 200-300ms tick range. Once the terrain is generated the performance is perfectly fine.


For comparison I started a new 1.7.10 vanilla world and when I fly around I get about 80-100ms tick rate while it generates new terrain.


These test were done with just with one player in the world.


Server specs:

E5504 xeon

6Gb of ddr3


I know it's a crappy server (Got it for free) and I'm not expecting it to be super awesome, but the difference in performance between 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 is quite a lot.


I tried to google the issue in the hopes that someone else might have ran into the same problem and might have posted a fix for it somewhere, but I've not had any such luck. I also tried to find something I can pregenerate terrain like you can with CodeChicken's ChunkGen for 1.7.10, but I have not find something like that for 1.8.9 either.





Are there any settings I should be looking at?

Are there any big changes to the world gen from 1.7 to 1.8 that would require a different server setup of some kind?

Does anyone know if there is a way to pregen terrain for 1.8.9?


If no one has any ideas then we will just have to stick with 1.7.10 until 1.9 is more stable and there are some mods for 1.9.




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