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[1.6.2] When were srg names first available through ASM?


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Primarily for the process of learning, I've been playing with simple coremods. My current learning experience is to try to make a coremod that's as universally compatible as possible, and I'm working with srg names.


Moving backwards, srg names work swimmingly back to 1.6.4. At 1.6.2, though, they're no longer being exposed through ASM. The class transformer is passed a srg classname in the second string argument of IClassTransformer.transform() as usual, but the bytecode tree exposed through ASM is using obfuscated names.


The obvious conclusion is that srg names weren't as fully implemented at that point, but I can't find any time-relevant documentation, and the source code is slow-going. It seemed asking might be faster :-)


tldr: In what Forge release were srg names finally available through the objectweb asm.tree interface? Given that @SortingIndex didn't appear until around 1.6.4/9.11.x.x, is that my answer right there?


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Getting back to this and answering my own question...


As far as I understand, my guess appears to be correct.  9efeaa8c is when coremods were changed to be handled as a Tweak, and so it was the first time FML could delay calling their transformers until the after the code had been deobfuscated.


Although TweakOrder existed earlier before SortingOrder, it only affected tweaks and because CoreMods were not tweaks in 1.6.2, it could not be used to delay transformation until srg names had been applied.

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