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[1.8.9] [UNSOLVED] Local Weather


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I'm wondering if it's possible to implement local weather to my own mod.

The local weather should only be used in my own dimension and not in the overworld.

If it is possible, what do I need for this and how can I do this?

(it would be nice if it is possible without modifying or overriding vanilla stuff, so that its running parallel ;) )


Thx in advance.


Developer of Primeval Forest.

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Since Rain for example is an "FXEntity" you could create your own effectenttiy, and use it in your dimension

Well, but the rain particle doesn't spawn themself in the world. Somewhere they get spawned in the world (all loaded chunks in vanilla case, except for the desert).

So how can I spawn them local in an area where the weather is rain. (so just there it rains and just there the world gets darker because of rain)

Developer of Primeval Forest.

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