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[1.9] anidated json files


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good days

i having  suggestion about the json models works


as they come in 1.8 if i wanna make an animated item little more complex i need to make a separate json file for every animation frame of mi mod resulting in than to make a simeple pistol like this


i have to create 22 diferent json files and is not exactly the best animation

when i notice the change in the json files for the 1.9  i think for a brief this could be solved

all the textures and rotations controlled by a single file but wass not as i think


in the new system the old method  ModelResourceLocation getModel() just get moved to a json file and from this i must call all the other jsons using predicates :{}, soo still i have to create 22 files plus this one json replacing the getModel()


soo i suggest to make posible to anidate a json extructure inside another json file soo in place of doing something like this declaring four separate files



you could do something like this, all in just one file



or even more convenient give the hability of only declare the replace for the textures




well thanks for reading

and sorry im not native english speak









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