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[1.9] Portable Teleporter Mod


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Hi everyone!


Here is a simple teleporter mod I've created. The mod only adds one item to the game in total. shift-rightclick(sneak-rightclick) to set the register your current information and the name you assign it to the item. Normal right clicks to teleport to the location you assigned. Very easy to locate the teleporter you want to use by the name if you have a bunch of them in your inventory. This is also very convenient for emergency uses like escaping someone: just right click and you are gone!


There's problems like dimensions and such that exists, if you used it and liked it, please comment or message me to let me know there are people who uses this and I will fix them! Also if you have suggestions, please tell me also. Thank you in advance!


Donwload link *REQUIRES FORGE 1.9:




width=800 height=450Xyzf9gl.png?1 [/img]

width=800 height=450eQVa6A9.png?1 [/img]

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