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Using the Forge Animation System


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Ok, so a while back, Choonster pointed me towards the Forge animation system. I have that working now (I know, a long time - I kinda dismissed it the first time around, it didn't work), but I really do not understand the system. Could someone explain how this is done? Adding parts, setting animation clips for them, etc.


I modified the example jsons to make this:


(left: modified, right: example code)


But I do not know how to change things beyond the json file (which I kinda half-guessed and figured out)


And sorry to make so many posts - but there are no tutorials that I can find on this

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I'm currently playing with this system, more documentation and example would have been nice  :-\




This file must exist at this location and have the same name as the model returned in blockstate static=false variant


The ams file can be named anything and placed anywhere as its location is defined in the TileEntity


The asm file will reload with an F3+T but the armatures file will not


In the armatures file "joints" defines which cuboid in the model json belongs to a group. (cuboids are numbered from top to bottom and starting with 0)

I haven't found a way to define the whole model without adding each cuboid separately.


Small example of a model with at least 10 cuboids being divided into two groups. All cuboids after the 10th will not be affected by animation but will still render.

"joints": {

    "group1": { "0": [ 1.0 ], "1": [ 1.0 ], "6": [ 1.0 ], "7": [ 1.0 ], "8": [ 1.0 ] },

    "group2": { "2": [ 1.0 ], "3": [ 1.0 ], "4": [ 1.0 ], "5": [ 1.0 ], "9": [ 1.0 ] }



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I was having the same issue.

There isn't a way to set the origin in the armatures file.

Adding the rotation flag to the json model to set it doesn't work either. As in the origin is changed but it doesn't render in the correct spot anymore.


There is already an issue on github about it and RainWarrior has seen it, so a fix is likely in the works. Hopefully it is also applied to 1.8


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