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[1.7.10]Improved Commands! Adds commands to stop sounds, 1.8+ JSON format,& more


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You can use this in modpacks. In fact, it was made for one, Discovery


Download on curse http://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/243929-improved-commands#t1:other-downloads


This mod adds 4 new commands:

/playsound2 sound <mode> <player> <x> <y> <z> <vol> <pitch> <delay>



As you can see, this has 2 more arguments:


mode can be normal (default), loop or stop. normal plays the sound like normal, but overrides the sound already playing from that position (played with this command, it cannot override sounds played other ways). loop is like normal, but the sound loops until it is stopped. stop stops the sound, regardless of what sound is in the sound argument.


delay is the time between each loop, if mode is set to loop.


/playsoundb sound <mode> <player> <vol> <pitch> <delay>



This command plays background music (so, regardless of position) to the specified player, which is by default @p. The mode argument is the same as in /playsound2, except the sounds are overridden / stopped based on the sound itself (so, to stop records.cat you have to do records.cat). Again, you can only stop sounds played with this command.






This command is exactly the same as /summon, except in the JSON you can use string item IDs for items (in equipment, etc) like in 1.8+, so you won't have the items the mob is spawned with changing between each save because modded numerical IDs change with saves.






Same thing as above, but for setblock.

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