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[1.9] Bug causing ClientSide and ServerSide to use different Containers?


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I am trying to make a backpack like item in my Mod, yet for some reason I been getting index of range errors on my mod, causing my item's behavior to act strangly and never putting items in the backpack.


When I tried to look into it, it turns out for some reason on the Client Side the Container class is using the one I made called ContainerStorableItem.  But on the Server Side, it says that it is ContainerCrafting, as if I just opened up my inventory.


Any ideas what is going on?


Here is a link to my source code on pastebin:

IGuiHander is in CommonProxy: http://pastebin.com/rhk3DX1Z

Container Class, ContainerStorableItem: http://pastebin.com/tte4fZXa


PS: currently the new Slot isn't overriding any functions as of yet.



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