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  1. I am using Minecraft 1.10 (forgot to add that) Putting isOpaqueCube to false does seem to fix things being see-through. However, problem now seems to be lighting and also just found out entities can suffocate in it. I checked the bounding box and collision box, its correct. PS: image was updated as of 1:30 est because showed wrong pic
  2. I am creating a new block that has the height and width of a Trapdoor. However, for some reason, when I place down the block, all side of the block is was placing on, are see through as if I was spectating or was using x-ray and can see through the block. Here is a link to a screenshot I took: Also, here is a link to my code: https://github.com/needoriginalname/bitsandpieces/blob/master/src/main/java/com/needoriginalname/bitsandpieces/blocks/BlockItemGate.java Any thing I am missing, I feel its something very obvious for non-full blocks but this is my first time making such a block.
  3. While that wasn't the cause, I think I fixed. Because when checking to see if it would ever check a spot above the world's height in placeInExistingPortal, I noticed that one of the while loops would always be false on a valid spot. I don't know how that fixed the hanging, but somehow it did.
  4. I am creating a mod, that allows a player to swap between the Overworld and the nether without the use or spawning of a nether portal. In the case that the mod can't find a spot to spawn the player at in the next world, it will create one by clearing out 3x2x3 air blocks and putting in a 3x3 cobblestone platform for them to land on. However, for some unknown reason. When ever I try to setblockstate to air or cobblestone, the mod will hang at "downloading terrain". If I comment out the setblockstate, the mod will stop hanging. So the problem seems to occur when setblockstate is called. Code of Teleporter code here: https://github.com/needoriginalname/infinityguantlet/blob/master/src/main/java/com/needoriginalname/infinitygauntlet/dimension/SpaceGemTeleporter.java Anyone have any idea, I been banging my head on this for the past few days. My mod has it that it set a Deffered Action on line 92 here: https://github.com/needoriginalname/infinityguantlet/blob/master/src/main/java/com/needoriginalname/infinitygauntlet/items/GemStates/StateSpaceGem.java which tells my tick handler to do the "doAction" action on the next tick utilizing the teleporter in lines 48-54 on this class: https://github.com/needoriginalname/infinityguantlet/blob/master/src/main/java/com/needoriginalname/infinitygauntlet/util/nodes/TransferPlayerNode.java
  5. I am currently making a new mod, while at the same time need to maintain another mod. Thing is, the both mods share ALOT of code, rather then maintaining the command code base in two seperate mods, I thought it would be best to put them in a mod library, kinda like what OpenBlocks does with OpenLib, LLibrary, and various core mods. (granted, I am not using ASM at this time) How exactly does someone make one, I am not even sure on the first step to how to do it.
  6. I am making a particle that will circle around the player where that is will constantly change color. However, I don't want the entire particle's color to change, only parts of it. Such as what happens to leather armor that allows you to change the color, but not the color of the entire textures. I figured out how to change a particles color by changing its particleRed, particleGreen, and particleBlue variables to the color I want, however it causes the part of the particle to also change.
  7. I am trying to revieve and fix an old bug in mod of mine back in Minecraft 1.8.9. I made mod where one of the things it does is teleport to another dim, without the need or creation of a portal. It works when going to then Nether from the overworld, and works going from the Nether to the END. But the problem is that if I go to the end it will go to the End's spawn point, instead of where I want it to go instead in the end. But most of all, If I go to the Overworld from the End, it will fail to load in the overworld without re-entering the game. Here is a link to my teleporter code: https://github.com/needoriginalname/infinityguantlet/blob/master/src/main/java/com/needoriginalname/infinitygauntlet/dimension/SpaceGemTeleporter.java Link to where it is started: https://github.com/needoriginalname/infinityguantlet/blob/master/src/main/java/com/needoriginalname/infinitygauntlet/proxy/tickhandlers/CommonTickhandler.java Link to what the overworld looks like when I teleport in:
  8. ... I forgot to change (world.isRemote) to (!world.isRemote) when opening gui.
  9. This time proxy is called, is in the init phase, where it is registers the IGuiHandler, in the mod class file. NetworkRegistry.INSTANCE.registerGuiHandler(this, proxy); IDs.storableItemGuis is a static final int of 0.
  10. I get the idea, you just want to know where you enter a specific area to a string to be displayed on your hub (not anyone else's game) I haven't really done anything with tick handlers or drawing on the In-Game Gui Screen outside of Custom Chest, so I can't give you exactly what to use. But it sounds like you would need to use a ClientTickEvent and check every few ticks or so if the player has entered that area, then set a boolean to true and draw the text on the screen. Then check once they leave, mark the boolean as false, and ether stop drawing the text.
  11. I am trying to make a backpack like item in my Mod, yet for some reason I been getting index of range errors on my mod, causing my item's behavior to act strangly and never putting items in the backpack. When I tried to look into it, it turns out for some reason on the Client Side the Container class is using the one I made called ContainerStorableItem. But on the Server Side, it says that it is ContainerCrafting, as if I just opened up my inventory. Any ideas what is going on? Here is a link to my source code on pastebin: IGuiHander is in CommonProxy: http://pastebin.com/rhk3DX1Z Container Class, ContainerStorableItem: http://pastebin.com/tte4fZXa PS: currently the new Slot isn't overriding any functions as of yet.
  12. You would just need to create a Lang File. Just like you put an en_US.lang in your src/resources/asset/<modID>/lang folder for your translation. You can do the same for other languages. IE: es_MX.lang for Mexican Spanish and ga_IE.lang for Irish. For any text that needs translated that isn't covered by the block/item name. such as lore, chat messages, etc. You can use ITextComponet text = new TextTranslation(unlocalizedTextInLangFileToBeTranslated, args...) For the name of other lang files, please consult this list from the minecraft wiki. http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Language
  13. Well I don't know if it fixed because of a forge bug fix, the file being reloaded, or what. But when I updated my forge version to the Latest build for 1.9 (for an unrelated issue), it seemed to work now.
  14. How does one send messages and command exceptions to the users that will be translated on arrival? I know how to get messages sent from a ICommand implementation to a player, but how does that message get translated for them from the .lang file? PS: Is there a way to check that all my translations in the .lang file was successfully read?
  15. Thank you. ... How does one make a thank you post? (EDIT: nvm, found it)
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