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[1.7.10] Change Camera without reflection - walkthrough


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(special thanks to parzivail who figured this out)


Hi everyone, lets say you want to change the camera to be farther back because you have a large entity or whatever and you want it in frame. The way to do this that I now know of is as follows: (if you know of a better way to alter the camera in 1.7.10 please post the full solution below)!


1) create a copy of EntityRenderer class but call it your own, for the purposes of this walkthrough ill call it ReplacementEntityRenderer


2) make ReplacementEntityRenderer extend EntityRenderer and make sure it implements IResourceManagerReloadListener


3) create method inside ReplacementEntityRenderer that does the following:


public void setThirdPersonDistance(float distance)
    	this.thirdPersonDistanceTemp = this.thirdPersonDistance = distance;


4) inside ClientProxy -> set minecrafts entity renderer instance to use yours instead like so:

Minecraft.getMinecraft().entityRenderer = new ReplacementEntityRenderer(Minecraft.getMinecraft(), Minecraft.getMinecraft().getResourceManager());


5) whenever you want to change the render distance (use  the client side only render events such as RenderGameOverlayEvent.Pre, RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post, RenderPlayerEvent.Pre, RenderPlayerEvent.Post, call the set setThirdPersonDistance() method




and voila if done correctly you will have set the render distance to 10


The default 3rd Person Render Distance seems to be 4.


You can now generate getters and setters for any of the variables and control the camera (I believe)


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