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  1. Ill have to take a look at what I can contribute
  2. Not sure which tools you are referring to, but the latest 1.7.10 forge works and you can setup a dev environment even today still. But you have to use a forked repo of forge and gradle to do that. Java 1.7 and Java 1.8 still work as well. I am also happy to help. Is there a way we can create a section in the forum for legacy versions? For large legacy mods, Minecraft's constant version updates are too large of a workload to keep up with. There are some good stable legacy versions that are a blast to mod and I think it's worth it. Sorry people demand things, I try to come at it from the perspective of, they just want to learn while having fun.
  3. And for those interested here is the map teaser video. This is why we should allow legacy version support for older forge. At least for dev environment support.
  4. If anyone needs convincing why its worth it here is a teaser of what I have created:
  5. Hi there its me. I used to be quite active on here back in the days of Minecraft 1.7.10. How far things have come. Minecraft modding was my way to learn Java.I literally knew 0 java but messing with Minecraft inspired me to learn. It was excellent and I am grateful to this forum for the endless help with all of my niche questions/issues. So in the spirit of maintaining the past, keeping it alive so to speak, I have come back on here to ask for legacy forge version support. I have recently come back to modding Minecraft 1.7.10, and yes it is still possible even in 2024 but it takes a lot to get the dev environment set up and all that, and am working on my massive mod that I never released. So I am hoping to engage the right people on here to rally for legacy forge version support for dev environment setup with gradle and to maintain it. Is it possible to get support for legacy versions, why or why not? I think it should be. The old minecraft has a lot to offer still. I know there used to be a lot of 1.7.10 mods that were fantastic back then and many were never updated to newer versions due to the insane workload it takes to keep up with their release schedule. But at least for me, its a ton of fun these days and I am a lot better at Java and OOP. Hoping to bring that to more people and see if its possible to at least maintain the dev environment side of the legacy forge versions into the future. @diesieben thoughts? I miss your snarky comments and condescending remarks from years ago. They made me a better programmer because I wanted to prove you wrong. Very grateful to you.
  6. I have noticed that you cannot install successfully downloaded older src from versions of Forge (from like 1.7.10) and use maven to set up a dev environment which means that effectively you cannot mod older minecraft versions. The build script appears to fail when gradlew is executed due to the external repo's no longer being valid. The message states could not resolve all dependencies, where you get a status code from server 501 https required. Is there a workaround? (and I know the versions are no longer supported but for someone wanting to edit an old mod of mine for an old version of minecraft is it possible?
  7. Ya sorry about that my bad, I ended up fixing the error
  8. [SOLVED] For some reason I had a string that was somehow being deleted right before the NBT data was being saved. So when I tried using it to send a message to the player the string did not exist and this seemed to cause the crash and only happen sometimes. Really weird but meh its fixed
  9. Hi Everyone, Once in a while when I test my mod I get a [Netty Client IO #5/ERROR] any ideas what might cause this? The console says the following: [Netty Client IO #5/ERROR] [FML]: NetworkDispatcher exception io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException [23:29:02] [Client thread/INFO] [FML]: Applying holder lookups [23:29:02] [Client thread/INFO] [FML]: Holder lookups applied
  10. Hey everyone so this is the solution to this problem. To disable the dropping of items via mouse drag you have to override the #mouseMovedOrUp() method (not the mouse clicked method) like so To disable the dropping of items via the "Q" Key (or whichever key this functionality gets bound to) use the following in your gui class and it works
  11. For the mouse drag I tried the following - I created an imaginary barrier and using the draw method just reset the mouse mosition if it goes outside my guis bounds. However it isnt foolproof the player can still try and succeed at dropping the item by dragging the mouse fast. - need a better way to do this still @Override protected void drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer(float x, int y, int z) { int mousePosX = Mouse.getEventX() * this.width / this.mc.displayWidth; int mousePosY = Mouse.getEventY() * this.height / this.mc.displayHeight; if(mousePosX < 140){ Mouse.setCursorPosition(140 * this.mc.displayWidth/this.width, Mouse.getEventY()); } if (mousePosX > 284){ Mouse.setCursorPosition(284 * this.mc.displayWidth/this.width, Mouse.getEventY()); } if(mousePosY < 58){ Mouse.setCursorPosition(Mouse.getEventX(), 58 * this.mc.displayHeight/this.height); } if(mousePosY > 190){ Mouse.setCursorPosition(Mouse.getEventX(), 190 * this.mc.displayHeight/this.height); } //Rest of drawing code }
  12. @Override protected void keyTyped(char key, int event){ if (event == 1 || event == this.mc.gameSettings.keyBindInventory.getKeyCode()) { this.mc.thePlayer.closeScreen(); } this.checkHotbarKeys(key); } To disable the dropping of items from my gui inventory using the "Q" keyboard Key, I overrode the keyTyped method and changed it to the code above so that the "Q" key cannot be used to drop items. Still have no idea how to disable dropping items via mouse drag though. Any ideas are helpful
  13. Hi everyone, I have created a gui with a custom inventory and container. I want to make it impossible for a player to drop items onto the ground while inside this gui. Anyone know how to achieve this?
  14. not sure why the item movement stuff is so very broken
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