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[1.8.9] Get field of view of an entity


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I want to make a mod in 1.8.9 where I have an entity with the functionality of the drone in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. My questions for this are:

• Is there a way to get the view of an entity and render it in a GUI?

• Does the entity need to be an instance of EntityLiving or can it be a normal Entity?


I haven't done any coding yet, so there is nothing to show yet.

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To make things a bit clearer: When throwing the drone, the player will get a smartphone-like device and when he right clicks this item, he will get a GUI with the view of the drone entity. I don't want to look for entities in a certain radius, I want the player to be able to scout out a building/map without putting himself into the danger of getting shot.

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I know but while I have to admit that I haven't looked at this mod in a while, last time I took a look at it, the player was mounted to the camera entity and when he dismounted, he was placed directly below the camera, which is bad for my case because you don't want to be put directly into the enemy's area when the shoot your drone.

EDIT: The dismounting from the camera entity seems to be fixed but I want to avoid having to mount the player onto the drone because of the need of him stay at a certain position while the drone is moving.

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