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[1.7.10]Mobs/Entities and Spawning!


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Okay, I'm new the the forums and i don't expect any help right away but thanks for any i get.

So my question is or starting statement, I have a entity i made, His name is bob, he extends EntityTamable, and all that fun stuff, but i want to make it so:

A) he re-spawns when he is killed IF he is tamed by a player

B) he has a Chest GUI When u click him with an Open hand and Shift click makes him "sit"

C)i almost forgot, owner shouldnt beable to hit him

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Whenever you want to do something, take a moment to think if there is anything in Vanilla Minecraft that does something similar and then take a look at that.


A) override #setDead in your entity class, check if it's tamed, and if so, do something like set its HP back to max and teleport it somewhere random.


B) sitting: not too complicated - take a look at EntityWolf for the interaction and the wolf's Model / Render class for rendering stuff


B) Chest GUI: quite a lot more complicated than either of the above - take a look at EntityHorse, plus the related Gui, Container, and IInventory (or whatever that has become if you are in 1.9) classes. If you are new to Java / modding, you might want to wait until you are more experienced to tackle this one.


C) Override #attackEntityFrom in your entity class - the DamageSource#getEntity() method returns the entity that caused the damage, so you can check there if it is the owner and then return false rather than allowing any damage to occur.

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