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[1.7.10]Rendering A Thrown Item


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I've never understood people who are asking (not responding) questions from phones. I mean - seriously, what do you expect?


I understand that some people are crazy about "finally getting home to code some sick mods", but you can't ask a question and get remotely accurate response without giving code to work with. This is coding, not grammar.


Said that - even if you think d7 was rude (he was not, it is called being realistic), we still can't help you directly.


If you would google some entity tutorials you would find how to register renderers for proper version, how to learn GL and other stuff - which still - most can be found in vanilla code, especially if you copy it, which you shouldn't do if you don't understand it.


Said above - we can't do anything more than say to google basic tutorials, because we don't know what exacly is the problem (no code).

Important points:

* Register render

* Test code for being called

* Experiment, don't render whole thing at once, test for simple drawings if you are even drawing at good pos (in snowball case it should).



I need a hand rendering an item i throw,

If by this you mean rendering snowball in hand (as entity), then you will need RenderPlayerEvent. You can simply render snowball in correct place, but to do that you would need Entity instance. You can have that entity without spawning it to world, but might get tricky.


If you also need hand to be lifted - you will need to cancel whole rendering of player and rerender him with changed hand pos. Use Pre and Post events.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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