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Where I find Entity Spawn Reason


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There is no information retained about how any entity was spawned unfortunately.


Hmmm... Are You absolutely sure? On the server I play creatures from spawners and eggs dont give exp.I know, both: spawner and egg are editable - maybe owner set drops to zero. But spawner spawned entities dont give McMMO points either.


And Villagers óffer reset mechanic is simplified, if Npc is spawned by plugin. Only by plugin, and by ANY plugin. Accident?


And last but not least: Bukkit plugin OtherDrops offer random event handling for random spawned mobs.


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Bukkit is a whole different deal.


Of course, I understand. I don't ask about, because I'm to lazy to find among forge fields and methods itself.


1.) Bukkit have this variable (probably ENUM)


2.) Bukkit handle whole world I'm playing


3.) My Forge client send various packets to bukkit server, include custom packets I can create and modify


3.) Question is: how I can ask server about this field?

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