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How to make New Crafting Tables???


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Hello Minecraft Forge Community ,

This Question has been bothering me a while and i don't seem to find anything anywhere.

I'd like to create Machines(working like Crafting tables ) that have they're own Recipes. For example like furnaces and Crafting tables have different Recipes.

I was told that doing that is Really difficult but seeing other Mods doing things similar to what I plan just makes be go Crazy because I just cant figure it out.

Now I'm asking you if you could help me I'd appreciate it very much If you want you can even Name that new "Machine" fitting for the Mod of course.


Thanks In advance,


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I have tryed makeing Tile Entety Classes and such but i realy have never learned java at all and im not one of the People that learn by learning i learn by Doing .-.

So yeah i tryed makeing copys of the Crafting table and such but i just  dont seem to get close at all so Realy Id much appreciate it if you could help me with....truth be told almost all.... I already created the Block and all the Registring too and i also have a GUI handler and a Tile entity and a Gui but it doesnt seem to work so i have everything setup but ... the coding is just missing and thats what i realy need ^^ so yeah Thank you advance if you could help me and Others feel free to try help me too :D


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This can be sort of confusing...It's basically spread between three different classes.

First, the Block:

This part is fairly straight forward except that you want to be a subclass of BlockContainer.

Example: https://github.com/bau5/ProjectBench/blob/master/bau5/mods/projectbench/common/ProjectBenchBlock.java

Secondly, the TileEntity:

The TileEntity holds all the information about the ItemStacks, what index they are within the inventory, all the logic about decreasing, increasing, and moving stacks, and the NBTTags that save what is held in the inventory.

Example: https://github.com/bau5/ProjectBench/blob/master/bau5/mods/projectbench/common/TileEntityProjectBench.java

Thirdly, the Container:

Imagine this; if the GUI is what you, the client, sees and interacts with, the Container is what the server sees and interacts with. The container is where you lay out all the slots that the GUI will let the player interact with.



Mine is a little different than the Minecraft workbench because I wanted the items to stay in the crafting matrix even when you close the GUI (the regular one tosses them on the ground).


Hope this helps!

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Thx bau ,

But i seem to still get just alot of probs would you like to IF possible write that Code ?

Because i realy start getting upset about that machine -.- Because I want it to do is Making a Machine ( Not useing Energy) That has the same Crafting or Creating way as the normal Vanilla Mc has just with Special new Recipes .-.

So yeah if possible it would be quite nice of you or someone to Write that Code if you want to send me a Pm and ill send you my Mod Code

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