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[1.7.10] Industrial Technologies and More Mod (IDT Mod)


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This is also posted on the MinecraftForums, CurseForge and PlanetMinecraft, but I felt like posting it here too.


Current version: 16w36a

MC: 1.7.10



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Not sure if I'm allowed to post adfly links here, so instead I'll give you the link to the CurseForge site. (Pics are on there, but I can add them here if you want.)


Download Mod



Lots of things are in this mod, blocks, items, even dimensions and mobs. This is a somewhat tech mod, because there are technology blocks, but there's also other blocks that don't deal with technology. And there's those dimensions and mobs. That's why there is "and More" and the end of the full name of the mod.


Generally what this mod adds.


  • New woods
  • Some new biomes
  • Several tech like blocks: Smelter, BioFuel Extractor, Welder, Matter Condenser, Magnetizer to name a few.
  • Bunch of science things like: Vanadium, Praseodymium, Copper, Boron Ore and Ingot to name a few. Sulfur, Carbon, Nitric and Sulfuric Acids, Glycerin, Acrolein, Propane, Propanol, Nitroglycerin to name a few of the chemicals.
  • New armor and weapon materials: Steel, Titanium, Vanadium, and a Neoron Pick.
  • Some aesthetics such as: Cement and Cement Bricks, Woods stuff, Wooden Walls, Bunch of new Trapdoors, Glass and colored Glass Stairs and Slabs..
  • Even some new dimensions with mobs.
  • A few explosive blocks.
  • A new liquid: Liquid Nitrogen.


This mod does alter some vanilla recipes.


Modpacks and reviews:


YES you can add this mod to a modpack.

YES you can make a mod review of this mod.


Help modders out by contributing to the Forge Ore Dictionary List! http://mce626.wix.com/odnlist


List of all my mods.

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