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First step : Modify texture property of vanilla blocks


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Hello everybody !

I work on a new resource pack and have a lot of ideas :)

But one of those need some enhancement in the possibility given by the vanilla game.

I wish to work with opacity on some blocks. Look at this screen :


width=600 height=457http://www.grosmenteur.com/Nautilus/illust_Enhanced.png[/img]


I want to do with some (any...) blocks what I can do with grass blocks.

Because of the overlay, grass blocks can manage 0/1 opacity in textures but other blocks (here, it's iron ore block) can't.

Some blocks can manage 0_255 opacity (tainted glass).

I want to choose which blocks can do 0/1 and 0-255 opacity


In order to build my resource pack, I wish to modify the list of blocks which can do this sort of thing :).

Or, I imagine, I wish to modify the properties of these blocks.


Maybe such a mod exist already ?

I wish to learn to write mods and I think it's a good first project for me :)

Can you give me some input to begin with ?

I already know some script language (Lua, AS2, PHP, javascript and Python...), very few Java. But it's a good way to learn :)


I read that we can (or shouldn't) alter vanilla classes...

I need you to help me to make my first step, just a lead or a direction where to look ^^


Edit : I read this : http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.fr/2014/12/block-rendering-18.html

I want to make some SOLID blocks render as CUTOUT_MIPPED or TRANSLUCENT... Should I look at openGL ? Maybe my project is not the one I need to begin with :)

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