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[1.9]Mod shows up in game, but not on server


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So after finally figuring out how to compile my test mod, it works perfectly on the client, blocks, generation, items, etc. using forge 1.9 -


Sadly, when I install forge on a server, and then add the mod .jar to the file, it loads the mod during startup - no errors. nothing out of the ordinary. sadly, no items are showing up. using /give does nothing because i cannot use the modid, there is only minecraft:x. no items, blocks, or anything show up in the creative menu, yet if i quit out of the server, and go into singleplayer, they're there. if i try to connect without the mod, it boots me and says i need it.


this was tested on a computer hosting the server, connecting to it, and a remote computer connecting to it with the mods. the remote computer also has no problems in singleplayer.


tried it with and without the -sources jar in with it, too. same problem.


log of one startup - http://pastebin.com/imhdwPG5


mod in question - http://www.mediafire.com/download/ekrpykru96m43xb/tm-1.0%282%29.jar


files before compiling - http://www.mediafire.com/download/43d6gw2hlzmv0li/minecraftmod.rar


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Your mod does precisely nothing on a dedicated server since your "Common"Proxy (it's not really common... it's the server proxy) does precisely nothing.


how do i fix it?


fixed it. thank you.


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