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[1.4.5]Underground Biomes

Exterminator Jeff

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Underground Biomes Mod for 1.4.5



  • Overhauls the underground experience with Underground Biomes that define the rock types and ores present.
  • These biomes occur differently to the surface biomes making explorationg underground more interesting.
  • Adds 57 new blocks using 8 block IDs and 1 new item (so far):
    • 8 types of Igneous rock with Cobblestone and Bricks.
    • 8 types of Metamorphic rock with Cobblestone and Bricks.
    • 8 types of sedimentary rock.
    • A coal storage block
    • Lignite, a low quality coal found in large quantities

    [*]All Vanilla recipes updated to use new rock, cobble and brick types.

Detailed Description:



I've always thought that there isn't enough variation underground in Minecraft with almost every cave or ravine looking the same. This mod aims to change that by adding 24 new naturally occuring rock types which occur in underground 'biomes' separate to the biomes on the surface. Ore distribution for Coal, Iron, and Gold has been changed to make these occur in larger desposits in certain areas to promote exploration and actual mines.


The rock types added comprise three base categories: Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary. Igneous and Metamorphic rocks form the base of underground biomes with Sedimentary rocks being found in layers called strata. Igneous and Metamorphic rocks drop their own forms of cobblestone when mined and can also be crafted into bricks. A storage block for coal has also been added as well as a very low quality coal called lignite. Both can be used for smelting.


All recipes from the base game have been incorporated with the new rocks types so for example a lever can be crafted with a stick and a metamorphic cobblestone block. Vanilla cobblestone can also be crafted by placing two rows of two cobblestone blocks. This is to support other mods whose recipes might need regular cobble.


This is the first version of the mod and may contain bugs but I have fixed all the issues that came up during development that I know of. The new ore system could potentially be unbalanced (too easy or too hard) but is quite hard to test. If this is an issue there is a config option to disable the custom ore generation.

In the near future I plan to add half slabs for most of the rock types as well as a system for adding new underground features similar to surface features such as temples and villages. I'm happy to hear any ideas anyone has for featues or anything else.




This mod works for both single and multiplayer.






Sedimentary Rocks:

These rocks mainly occur in layers called strata. They cannot currently be made into bricks or cobblestone and in the future they will have more uses



Igneous Rocks:

These volcanic rocks can be found in large quantities and make up most of the rock found in certain areas. They drop igneous cobblestone when mined. They can be crafted into bricks



Metamorphic Rocks:

These rocks are formed by heat and pressure underground and make up the rest of the landscape where igneous rocks do not occur. They drop metamorphic cobblestone when mined and can be crafted into bricks.



Anthracite and Lignite:

Anthracite is a very pure form of coal. It can be made by crafting four peices of coal and burns for 32 items. Lignite is an item dropped from lignite rock. It is a very impure form of coal and burns for 1 item in a furnace. It can be found in large deposits.



More images:





Some ores are now found in large deposits. This should promote the use of actual mines. Note that these ores do not occur everywhere.



















These instructions are to install the Underground Biomes mod for Minecraft 1.4.5. This requires Forge version 6.4 or higher.


If you already have the Minecraft Forge installed go to 3.


1.    Install the latest version of Minecraft Forge from http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/


2.    Once Forge is installed run Minecraft once to make sure it has worked and to set up the necessary folders.


3.    Put the contents of the 'Add contents to Minecraft.jar' folder into your Minecraft.jar using you chosen tool such as winrar


4.    Put the contents of the 'Add contents to mods folder' folder into your mods folder in the minecraft directory. If there is no mods folder then

    Forge might not have installed correctly.


5.    Run Minecraft. If Minecraft loads and the mod shows up when you click the mods button in the main menu then it has worked.


You can edit the mod config file if you want by going to the config folder in your minecraft directory and opening 'ExterminatorJeff_UndergroundBiomes.cfg'

with Notepad or any other text editor. Currently the only config option is to disable ore veins. Doing so will use vanilla ore generation for all ore types.

More config options will be added in the future.


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