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[1.9] onItemRightClick getting called twice?

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Hello everyone, I've just started modding minecraft today so I apologize if this question sounds a bit silly. I've finished the basic tutorials and started coding my own item. The idea is that when you kill mobs their souls get stored in the item and when you right click, you can respawn them back into the world. I managed to successfully get it to work except for two things. One, the function is getting called twice or at least I think it is. Two, one of the mobs spawned just freezes there not doing anything.

Wand Code:

public class ReAniWand extends Item{
public ReAniWand()

public void initModel()
	ModelLoader.setCustomModelResourceLocation(this, 0, new ModelResourceLocation(getRegistryName(), "inventory"));

public void onCreated(ItemStack itemStack, World world,EntityPlayer player)
	itemStack.setTagCompound(new NBTTagCompound());	
	itemStack.getTagCompound().setInteger("MobCounter", 0);
	itemStack.getTagCompound().setString("Mob0", "h");
	itemStack.getTagCompound().setString("Mob1", "h");
	itemStack.getTagCompound().setString("Mob2", "h");

public ActionResult<ItemStack> onItemRightClick(ItemStack itemStackIn, World worldIn, EntityPlayer playerIn, EnumHand hand)
	if(itemStackIn.getTagCompound().getInteger("MobCounter") > 0)
		int mobCounter = itemStackIn.getTagCompound().getInteger("MobCounter");
		final int spawnRange = 4;
		EntityLiving entity = null;
		entity = (EntityLiving)EntityList.createEntityByName(itemStackIn.getTagCompound().getString
                       ("Mob"+Integer.toString(mobCounter)), worldIn);
		entity.setLocationAndAngles((double)playerIn.getPosition().getX() + 
                      (worldIn.rand.nextDouble() - worldIn.rand.nextDouble()) * (double)spawnRange + 0.5D,
	      (double)(playerIn.getPosition().getY() + worldIn.rand.nextInt(3)), 
	      (double)playerIn.getPosition().getZ() + 
                      (worldIn.rand.nextDouble() - worldIn.rand.nextDouble()) * (double)spawnRange + 0.5D, 
	      MathHelper.wrapAngleTo180_float(worldIn.rand.nextFloat() * 360.0F), 0.0F);
	      entity.rotationYawHead = entity.rotationYaw;
              entity.renderYawOffset = entity.rotationYaw;
              itemStackIn.getTagCompound().setInteger("MobCounter", mobCounter);
        return new ActionResult(EnumActionResult.PASS, itemStackIn);

Tracking Event Code:

public class EventTrackMob {

public void myEvent(LivingDeathEvent e)
	if(e.getEntity().isCreatureType(EnumCreatureType.MONSTER, false) 
                && e.getSource().getEntity() != null && e.getSource().getEntity() instanceof EntityPlayer)
		EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer)e.getSource().getEntity();
		for(int i=0;i<9;i++)
			if(player.inventory.mainInventory[i] != null && 
                                player.inventory.mainInventory[i].getItem() instanceof ReAniWand)
				if(player.inventory.mainInventory[i].getTagCompound().getInteger("MobCounter") < 3)
					int mobCounter = player.inventory.mainInventory[i].getTagCompound().getInteger("MobCounter");
					String whichMob = "Mob"+Integer.toString(mobCounter++);
                                                (whichMob, e.getEntity().getClass().getSimpleName().substring(6));

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