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The latest forge updates do not show up under Profiles in the loading screen


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This has happened in the last 3 Forge updates.

I install it using either Installer or Installer-win. It downloads just fine, then I install Liteloader, that installs just fine also, however when I click on the game and go down to the left to Profiles to change to the newest update it doesnt show up.

I've noticed that if the download file is missing the 1.9.4 then it doesn't show up under the Profiles.

E.g.: Latest file name: 1.9.4-forge1.9.4-  Doesn't show up

        Last working file was: 1.9.4-forge1.9.4-


when that last 1.9.4 is missing from the downloaded file, it will not show up under the game Profiles. It shows up under versions in the .minecraft folder, and the download says it was successful. It just doesn't show up

The last working update for me was the 1936 version of Forge.

I am thoroughly confused as to why this is happening. It's not me,  it's the file I download from Forge

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What am I supposed to guess by your post?  In my minecraft folder, where the forge downloads are, if the downloaded forge file is missing the last 1.9.4 it will not show up under Profiles in the game loader


Here's a screenie of my files in the minecraft folder with the highlighted file.That does not show up in the game loader:


width=341 height=386http://i1301.photobucket.com/albums/ag108/llanita1/forge_zpsbagze2v3.png[/img]

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So how come those got created? I didn't do that. Im about a month old to minecraft and still learning. All I know is I download the files and they show up there.

I'm curious to know why the last three updates haven't shown up in that drop down list.

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