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[1.9.4] Nether Biomes


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Listen for WorldEvent.Load. Check if it's the nether dimension. If so, modify the biomeProvider field in the world's provider.


That works correctly but the biomes still spawn as the normal Nether. To have them generate correctly, would I have to replace the ChunkProvider for the Nether?

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You are not supposed to modify anything. You are supposed to change the BiomeProvider. By default the nether uses a BiomeProviderSingle which always gives the same biome. You have to substitute a different one.


Here is what I have been testing:

    public void onWorldLoad(WorldEvent.Load event)
        World world = event.getWorld();

        if(world.provider instanceof WorldProviderHell)
            event.getWorld().provider.biomeProvider = new BiomeProviderSingle(Biomes.FROZEN_OCEAN);




It does change the biome but as you can see it still generates as a regular hell biome.

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What would you expect instead? Frozen Ocean? So you do want it to look like the overworld?


I am just using the Frozen Ocean biome for testing because I have yet to create my custom biomes. I want it to have different biomes like the overworld.


Example(Biomes O' Plenty Nether):

width=520 height=272https://usercontent2.hubstatic.com/12410497_f520.jpg[/img]

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You need to completely replace the terrain generation then.

You have to override the WorldProvider by modifying the


field in


to your own WorldProvider. Note that this is of course incompatible with any other mod doing this.


I used an AT to make the clazz field public in DimensionType. Would this be the best way to do it?


DimensionType.NETHER.clazz = WorldProviderNEX.class;

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