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[SOLVED] [1.9.4] decompileMc error


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Hello everyone, i'm trying to install the 1.9.4 mdk, but everytime i try to it gives me the message:




I was browsing through the forum and found another topic like this, but they couldn't solve the issue, i know i have to add more memory to gradle but i just can't seem to find the way to do this.


I'm using a Mac with OSX El capitan.


Hopefully someone can help me with this!

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Uhm  ??? i don't see what i am missing, the wikipedia page said /Users/<username> so that's where i put the gradle folder :/.


Sorry i really sound like am new here, i used to have a mod "the bacon mod" but i left it a while ago and now i want to comeback to the modding scene but lots of things have changed since last time i modded.

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Yeah about that.. the /. is just to show the locactions on mac. WpCW4Sj.png


But i found this code on the forums:

export _JAVA_OPTIONS='-Xmx2G'


Basically when you select the folder to install the mdk you type this on terminal and start the gradlew setupDecompWorkspace the process will start and it will say  "picked up JAVA_OPTIONS"


So now i fixed the problem and i am ready to start coding 1.9.4!


EDIT: uhm for some reason the eclipse folder was not created ??? i was following the forge documentation but i will see what i can do.

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